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free fire free diamond by ID 2023

Diamond are one of the most difficult things in the Free Fire game because you do not get them easily, as after you do many tasks and win matches, you will not get enough diamond to buy different things, as through these diamond you will be able to buy Free Fire weapons, pets and skin You will also be able to participate in Luck Royale and gems Spin to get various unique Free Fire character skins, weapon skins, weapon upgrades and even cosmetics.

There are many legal and illegal ways that allow you to get Free Fire diamond for free, so follow this article with me to the end to learn about free ways to charge diamond, including the Free Fire diamond shipping site via ID.

Free Fire diamond shipping site ID:

This paragraph will include a wonderful site that allows users to charge Free Fire gems via the id, and this site is called, and it is affiliated with Garena, which launched the game to the market. Moreover, this site is very wonderful and features many attractive offers. For example, you will get 2400 free diamond, as this wonderful site is the best site for charging Free Fire diamond via id.

The way to use the website is very simple and does not need explanations in order to understand it. All you have to do is enter the site by clicking on this link, then click on the Free Fire game, and then start choosing the right offers for you from the gems.

How to use the site to charge Free Fire diamond via ID:

You can charge, through this site, by your ID, or by account information, which you must write when communicating with the site’s customer service.Site guidelines and directions

When you learn about the payment methods available on this site, by contacting them on their Facebook page, if you choose to pay through the postal center, follow these directions.

When you pay the amount at the post office, you will receive a receipt. Do not write anything on this receipt or on the seal. On the white part, write your Free Fire ID.

Then write your Facebook name in the white part to use your account to communicate with the site.
Shoot a clear video of the link where all the information is clearly visible. Do not exceed 10 seconds in duration of the clip, then send it to the site’s page [Click here to enter the site’s Facebook page]
Your request will be reviewed and upon confirmation that your amount has reached the site, the diamond will be transferred directly to you.

Shop2game website to ship Free Fire diamond via ID:

Among the best sites for charging Free Fire diamond, via ID, is the unique Shop2game site, which many players rely on to charge diamond, instantly, without waiting. It is also an honest site, 100% guaranteed, and many people have tried it.

How to charge Free Fire through Garena Center?

Hello, all the beloved people of Algeria, to charge your accounts on the free fire shop2game com game, with a lot of diamond, there are different ways, but through the famous garena shipping site shop2game garena, you cannot charge your accounts, as the garena shop 2 charging center does not support the state of Algeria currently.

But as we told you previously, there are many approved methods in Algeria, to charge Free Fire accounts, without the need for the recharge site, you can identify these methods through the following lines:

As for Zorana, from Algeria, we will present to you, in this paragraph, one of the largest sites for shipping games and selling Google Play cards in Algeria. Let’s get to know this site.

Ich7anli is one of the distinguished sites, through which you can ship Free Fire jewels, at a very reasonable price, to all Algerians, with bonuses offered, when purchasing the first time, for this reason the site advises you, to ship the largest amount possible, as you can see in the image below The first and second display, for the number of jewels + pony, and their price in Algerian dinars.

Shipping via Garena Center using Orange:

Step #1:

The first step is to enter the Garena Free Fire shipping company website from the following link and select the country of Egypt and log in by writing your ID (as in the steps for the first paragraph

Step #2:

After that, choose Orange as one of the payment methods, as shown in the image below.

Garena website for free shipping Step #3:

Now, select the number of jewels and press the option to proceed to the payment screen and write the identification number that will be sent to you on a message in your phone number, and thus you will be able to charge your account on Free Fire with Orange balance from Egypt.

Caution: The double offer for Free Fire gems is only for the first time, as you can get twice the number that you have shipped for free, so take advantage of this offer to charge the largest number of gems.

Free Fire recharge site by id Step #1:

You must first type the following number *193# (star 193 window) or *139# (star 9 star 13 window). And press the call button as shown in the image below.

Free fire diamond for free with id Step #2:

In this step, type the wallet password and press the “Send” button as shown in the image below.

Free Fire diamond official id recharge site Step #3:

After that, the amount in the wallet will appear on the phone screen. Press the 1 button and then press the “Send” button to use the wallet.

Garena free fire diamond shipping site Step #4:

Then choose number 3, then press the submit button to pay online, as shown in the image below.

Free Fire shipping site Step #5:

In this step, you must specify the amount that you want to use to charge your account from the Garena Shipping Center, which should be sufficient to purchase diamond. Then press the “Send” button.

Free Fire diamond recharge site by id Step #6:

As for now, you must write the password in English for the wallet, in order to confirm the issuance of the card (if you type the number in Arabic, these steps will not work for you).

free fire diamond free 2023 id Step #7:

Immediately after that, you will see a set of data about the card, through which you can charge Free Fire jewels. Click on the “OK” button.

How to charge free fire gems Step #8:

You must now enter the Free Fire game. Then enter the store. And select the number of diamond you want. Then click on the “I Tap Buy” option, as shown in the images below.

Free Fire diamond recharge program via id Step #9:

Then select Vodafone as in the image below.

Garena Shipping Step #10:

Select the payment method, which is Vodafone, by pressing the “Pay Vodafone” button, as shown in the image below.

A site for charging free fire diamond Step #11:

You must wait a while and then click on the “Add credit or debit card” option, in order to be able to enter the card information.

Free Fire shipping sites Step #12:

You will then be asked to write the card data that you obtained in the previous steps (you must write it on a sheet of paper or make a screenshot of it in order to use it in this step). After writing all the information about the card, click on the “Save” option.

The easiest Free Fire diamond recharge site for free Step #13:

In the end, you must click on the 1 pay tap option, and it will appear on the phone screen that you have succeeded in charging your account with ease. You can check by entering your account on Free fire.

and in the end we finished , we hope thats be good fo you ,gays see you in the nexte time .

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