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How to get free fire diamond for free? This question is asked a lot by users of the Free Fire game because the diamond allow them to buy everything inside the game and although these diamond are paid, there are many methods that you can use to get Free Fire diamond for free and there are many legal and illegal ways that It may lead to closing your account in the game, and there are also many useless methods that are a waste of time as most of the methods are fake and do not bother looking for them because in this article I will present to you the best methods that will help you get Free Fire diamond for free.

And the diamond that players will get after completing the tasks will not be enough to buy everything they want, and if they want to buy diamond from within the game, they will have to pay real money for that. So some are looking for free ways to get free fire diamond for free. So follow the rest of the article with me to learn how to get free fire diamond for free.

The importance of diamond in Free Fire ?

diamond in the Free Fire game is the currency of the game, as it is used to purchase from the store, and with these diamond, users will be able to buy everything paid from the game, including clothes for warriors, weapon supplies, umbrellas, upgrade your skills, and many other things that you will get to know when you start playing This game and sooner or later you will need free ways to get free fire diamond. So I have come to you now with the best ways through which you can get free fire diamond for free.

Players go to these methods in order to get diamond for free because the diamond in the game are sold for real money and so most players will not be able to pay money in a game so players go to such articles on various sites in order to get diamond Free.

How to get free fire diamond for free?

In this paragraph, I will present to you the best ways to get diamond, the latest version, for free, as there are many legitimate and illegal ways, such as using a website or application specialized in that, or a fake visa to charge diamond in your account, or even using Google Play cards in order to charge diamond Free Fire and more.

The first method:
Using a site to get Free Fire diamond for free, as there are many sites that give users diamond for free in exchange for performing some different tasks, which may be represented in watching a video on YouTube, visiting a site, or even downloading a specific application on your phone and creating an account on it. Where there are some sites that give you 20 coins for each task you perform, but you cannot exchange them for diamond in the Free Fire game until you get 50,000 coins, and there are also other sites that pay well when you download a game, but they ask you to reach a certain level to get the money needed to buy diamond game.

The second method:
Using a fake visa to get diamond, where there are many sites that spammers use to spread stolen visas, and among these sites is a site called “Red Dragon”, which was developed by a group of spammers in order to publish stolen visas, and this site is closed frequently by Google party but it always comes back with different guarantees.

Moreover, the stolen visa that is published on the Red Dragon website or any other website has balances between 3 to 100 dollars, and sometimes you will find a balance above 400 dollars.

Who are Spammers? Spammers are specialized people with experience in the field of information security. They steal bank accounts and visas of users, extract money from them and leave some little money in them, and put information about stolen accounts in forums and websites for stolen visas.

But note that if you use one of the fake visas to get free fire diamond, your account in the game may be closed in the event that you were reported by the owner of the visa.

Third method:
Download ready-made diamond from one of the sites that offer this, as you will get an infinite number of diamond and you will find in front of you that the game is completely hacked and you will not have to pay money for anything. And to download the hacked Free Fire game, search for downloading the hacked Free Fire game, the latest version, in the Google search engine. You will find many sites that offer you a ready-made hacked game. You can download it, start playing, and enjoy everything paid inside for free. This is the easiest way to get diamond for free.

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and right here we finished this topic , if you have any question you can let a comment and we will answer you soon God ,willing.

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